Benefits and Advantages of using Waste Water Evaporators

endorsed and certified as best treatment optionsWaste water evaporators are often introduced as an alternative treatment process and enhanced method to deal with industrial waste water generation. Compared to conventional treatment options which involve more towards biological processes, applied use of waste water evaporators is more simple and straightforward, thus offers several benefits and advantages which is more economical in the long run.

Let’s look at the first and foremost reason on why engineers and company directors nowadays decide to switch and make it as a more preferred option rather the age old established treatment systems. Waste water evaporators generally avoid the use of chemicals which form the backbone of some treatment plants. Majority of the chemicals such as the coagulant and polymer involve and incur high cost in the long run to purchase and those are needed in order to ensure that the waste removal is effective. However, when it comes to evaporators, typical system setup requires only minimal use while the more advanced systems totally negate or require any introduction of chemicals.

Second, waste water evaporation technology is also acknowledged and endorsed by environmentalist who would lobby for its world wide application. There are actually two areas on why people term it as environmentally friendly. One is because the water that is evaporated off the incoming feed can be recycled and reuse back for some other purposes like irrigation, washing while another reason is because most of the time, COD and BOD control can be kept to the minimum. Conventional treatment plants can always upset when it is not properly managed but however, when it comes to waste water evaporators, the water that is being stripped off is generally clean although so far, we have not reach that stage whereby it will be totally safe for human consumption.

Finally one of the main important criteria is because it is clean to operate and it totally avoids sludge generation which is always a mess, coupled with difficulty in handling, requiring heavy maneuver and large area of landfill and it also emits foul odors. Thus with evaporators, all these no longer become an issue as biological use can be taken off as part of the processes. Furthermore, solid generation in the form of sludge cake have minimal use but the solid waste that comes from waste water evaporators can be further processed as animal feed and depending on the incoming stream, some can even undergo regeneration process to produce glycol for other applications.